We all have different motivational reasons for exercising. We all have slightly different goals that we are aim for when it comes to numbers, events, competitions and general self-worth.

Whatever we are looking towards, there is 1 aspect of enabling our full potential as humans that is universally applicable and important, and that is to be fit for life.

This means growing up to be able to play with your grandchildren, to be fit enough to do everything you want and go everywhere you would love to go. It is about being able to carry your baby around for hours, lift yourself out of the pool, pull yourself up in case you fall.

It means you can climb, swim, cycle, run, and play football, maintain good posture, be proud of yourself and enable your full potential. It goes to walking tall, your own body turning into a reflection of your lifestyle and life decisions.

These nine important exercises will enhance your upper body power and ultimately enable you to carry yourself daily life. They are exercises that will also improve tendon power and solidify decent movement patterns when performed properly. Strengthening the body and motion is a fantastic step towards avoiding injury in the future.

It cannot be overstated how important right form and using the appropriate gear is when it comes to body exercises.

Elbow sleeves, wrist protection and compression arm sleeves are all tremendously effective things that will help you be the best athlete you can be, strengthen movement patterns and encourage the natural movements of your body.


The Overhead Press (also referred to as the Strict Press or Shoulder Press) is a compound exercise that entails lifting a weighted barbell overhead into a fully secured out position together with the rigorous use of the shoulders and arms.


Pressing the bar overhead is just one of the very useful upper body exercises you can do. This exceptionally effective exercise involves the entire body. Your feet, legs, glutes, center, abs, buttocks, ankles and wrists aid stabilise the entire body whilst your shoulders, upper chest, back and arms press the bar overhead.

The Overhead Press gives great advantage in your heart and back as well as shoulder and arms. It trains the whole body to balance while standing and pressing the weight overhead.

It taxes your full body and CNS (central nervous system) as well as increasing your ability to control and stabilise heavy weights above your head. This is incredibly useful for improving your:

  • Push Press
  • Push Jerk / Split Jerk
  • Thrusters
  • Pull Ups
  • Muscle Ups

Rehband elbow sleeves are a very useful accessory here to help you perfect the bar path when you are first learning the exercise. They will give you additional support and confidence, and for advanced lifters, are great for when you are currently working with analyzing max lifts or higher quantity barbell biking in WODs.


If it’s about body power, the humble pull upward is a tried and tested bodyweight exercise that can significantly allow you to enhance your abilities.

You can play around with the different variations in order to challenge your body in new ways. Broad grip (pronated) will especially target your upper back, whilst chin ups with a closer grip (supinated) are a great way to develop your own knee.


  • Maintain your heart tight
  • Squeeze your glutes
  • Grip as hard as you can on the bar

Try gripping a gentle plate (small 1.25kg) between your feet if you are finding it difficult to engage your core, as this can help to force you to activate this part of your body during the movement.

If you are still fighting with pull ups, then try out this 3-day a week program to enhance the exercise.


The bench press is not a frequent exercise in Functional Training, yet it can be a great way to build power and improve lockout power and overhead media moves for other lifts.