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Intervals are hands down one of the best ways to crank up the rate that your body burns fat. If you are trying to lose weight but you don’t like the idea of spending hours and hours at the gym, you have to learn how to utilize treadmill interval exercise.

A large percentage of the time, individuals who are currently trying to lose or maintain weight will probably padlock themselves into a treadmill that has a fantastic book and just spend and hour or 2 lugging away.

Treadmill interval workouts force you to be aware of your body and your effort level, and if it is not high enough you can quickly adjust it.

Warm Up:

Walk at a pace you feel good at at a zero incline for 5 minutes.

Walking Interval:

We recommend you increase your strength from your warm up; you may also want to add a little bit of an incline into the mix.

Everybody’s exact mph will change however you need to be walking fast enough that holding up a conversation would be a little hard. Hold this pace for two minutes.

Running Interval:

As soon as you have finished your walking period, dive straight into a second running interval. Once again, the exact pace is likely to depend on a variety of variables, nonetheless, you should be working hard enough that you would rate your effort at 8 or 9 out of ten.

Repeat, Alternating Intervals For Ten Repetitions For A Total Of A 35 Minute Routine

Right after you finish either interval, go straight into the next one. Repeating this pattern 10 times makes for a 30 minute plan, 35 including your warm up. Make sure you do a 5 minute cool down and stretch when you’re finished.

This burns about 320 calories (exact figures will depend on your weight, fitness level, muscle content, etc) and stokes up your metabolism. Do this exercise 3-4 days of the week for the cardio fix; you can also effortlessly put together this routine with a strength training part.